Our paper “PyMVPD: A Toolbox for Multivariate Pattern Dependence” has been published on Frontiers in Neuroinformatics.

Our paper “Contrastive machine learning reveals the structure of neuroanatomical variation within autism” has been published on Science.

Congratulations to lab members Tony Chen and Jianxin Wang who will start their Ph.D at MIT and Rice University

Our toolbox for multivariate “connectivity” (PyMVPD) is available on the lab’s github page (credit to Mengting Fang)

The SCCN lab was awarded a NSF CAREER grant

Congratulations to alumni Craig Poskanzer, Yichen Li, Mengting Fang, and Yuting Zhang, who will start their Ph.D at Columbia, Harvard, UPenn, and Yale.

Our review paper with Liane Young has been published on the Annual Review of Psychology.

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Kayaking with our friends in the BC Morality Lab!