Lab Members

Stefano Anzellotti
Principal Investigator
Aidas Aglinskas
Postdoctoral Researcher
In partnership with the Language Learning Lab at Boston College, Aidas is working on a project funded by the Simons Foundation modeling the heterogeneity of brain-connectivity in autism. Specifically, he interrogates large sets of resting-state fMRI data to look at patterns of functional connectivity using advanced computational methods. The project goal is to better understand subtypes and factors in autism spectrum disorder. Before coming to BC, Aidas completed his doctoral training at the University of Trento in Italy where he used fMRI to understand how knowledge concepts are are represented across brain networks.
Emily Schwartz
Graduate Student

Emily’s research interests include the neural systems involved in recognition of individuals and their emotions, as well as the detection of social cues. She is interested in studying the brain regions that represent the visual configuration of the face and the regions that encode the meanings of those configurations. She would like to apply computational and neuroimaging methods to investigate these research topics. Emily received her B.A. in Psychology from New York University in 2017.

Hamed Karimi Kerdabadi
Graduate Student

Hamed is interested in understanding how action recognition and action perception are resolved in both the human and the machine. He studies how the human brain represents different kinds of information when perceiving and predicting other individuals' actions. He employs computational approaches and neuroimaging methods to tackle these questions. Hamed got his master's in computer science from Amirkabir University of Technology and his bachelor's from University of Tehran, both in Tehran, Iran.

Tony Chen
Research Assistant

Tony graduated from Boston College in May 2020, where he studied psychology, mathematics, and minored in computer science. He is broadly interested in how humans encode abstract and perceptual information,  the organizational and geometric properties of these representational spaces, and the neural mechanisms that underlie their embedding and retrieval. His research interests also lie in the intersection of machine learning and psychology/neuroscience, where he hopes to leverage Bayesian and Reinforcement Learning models to better study how humans learn in noisy, dynamic, and multi-agent situations.

Mo Zhou
Master student
Mo is currently a master's student at Boston College. Mo’s research interests lay in psychology, neuroscience, statistics, and machine learning. She is currently working on understanding face perception and its mechanisms with deep learning/reinforcement learning techniques. She also looks forward to applying statistical learning and neuroimaging methods to study the structure and function of the brain. Before coming to BC, Mo obtained her master’s degree in statistics from Columbia University and bachelor's degree in psychology and mathematics from Connecticut College. 
Christina Farmer
Undergraduate research assistant

Christina's research interests include the neural systems responsible for social cognition. She is researching individual differences in patterns of functional connectivity between regions involved in facial expression recognition and theory of mind regions. She plans to use computational and neuroimaging methods to better understand how individuals vary in theory of mind and other social cognitive computations. 

Gabriel Fajardo
Undergraduate research assistant
Gabe is a Senior at Boston College majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. He is very interested in computational and social neuroscience. He is working on a computational project to understand the interactions between auditory and visual regions of the brain, and a senior thesis on social group inference. 
Julianna Pijar
Undergraduate research assistant

I’m a neuroscience major with a minor in studio art. I am currently working on my thesis where I am examining the connection between functional connectivity variability and genetic variability in autistic individuals. 

Yu Zhu
Undergraduate research assistant

Yu is a rising senior interested in applying mathematical modeling and machine learning methodology to life science problems. She uses those methods to denoise the fMRI voxels supervised by Prof. Anzellotti and to investigate microbial community colonization guided by Prof. Momeni.

Alicia Bergeron
Undergraduate research assistant

Alicia is interested in studying individual differences in psychiatric disorders using neuroimaging data and deep learning techniques.

Obinna Onyekachiuzoamaka
Undergraduate research assistant

Obinna is interested in studying how human observers understand and predict other people's actions.

Jianxin Wang
Undergraduate research assistant

Jianxin (Jeff) is interested in deep learning methods and in how human cognition and the study of the human brain can inspire new breakthroughs in AI.

Nick Arangio
Undergraduate research assistant

Nick is interested in using deep learning models to study action perception.

Collaborating Faculty

Joshua Hartshorne
Liane Young

Collaborating Students and Researchers

Minjae Kim
Collaborating Ph.D. Student

Minjae is interested in how we learn about other people by observing their actions. Her research focuses on how we update our trait inferences of other people when their actions violate our predictions, and which properties of actions matter for updating. She uses both behavioral and fMRI methods to study the organization of dynamic social representations. Minjae received her B.A. in neuroscience from Swarthmore College, and worked as a research assistant in the NeuroCognition Lab at Tufts, before starting her PhD at Boston College in Fall 2017.

Mengting Fang
Collaborating Ph.D Student

Mengting is interested in studying the multivariate interactions between brain regions, she has developed a toolbox (PyMVPD) to run these types of analyses. She is using these methods to study brain regions where information about multiple object categories and from multiple sensory modalities co-occurs.

Arish Alreja
Collaborating Ph.D student

Arish is interested in studying face perception using a combination of neuroscience and machine learning.

Craig Poskanzer
Collaborating Ph.D student

Craig is interested in the relationship between attention and memory. In the SCCN lab, he is wrapping up some work on nonlinear models of connectivity.

Former Lab Members

Madeline Goldfarb
Lab Coordinator/Research Assistant 2021-2022
Craig Poskanzer
Lab Coordinator/Research Assistant 2019-2021

Graduate Student, Columbia University

Mengting Fang
Lab Coordinator/Research Assistant 2018-2021

Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania

Kirstan Brodie
Lab Coordinator/Research Assistant 2018-2019

Lab Manager, Harvard

Yuting Zhang
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Graduate Student, Yale

Eamon Atri
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Yichen Li
Undergraduate research assistant
Katie O'Nell
Undergraduate research assistant
Joshua Hirschfeld-Kroen
Lab coordinator in the Morality Lab at BC
Tiwalayo Eisape
Research assistant
Jayden Ziegler
Collaborating Postdoctoral Researcher