The SCCN lab was awarded a NSF CAREER grant

Congratulations to alumni Yichen Li, Mengting Fang, and Yuting Zhang, who will start their Ph.D at Harvard, UPenn, and Yale.

Our review paper with Liane Young on the acquisition of person knowledge has been published on the Annual Review of Psychology.

Our new research paper on opaque representations of emotions has been published on the journal Emotion.

Katie O’Nell’s paper on the relationship between the computations for the recognition of face identity and facial expressions is now on PsyArXiv.

Aidas Aglinskas has joined the SCCN Lab as the first postdoctoral researcher!

Emily Schwartz has joined the SCCN Lab as the first graduate student!

The SCCN Lab and the Language Learning Lab have been awarded a SFARI Pilot Award.

Yichen Li’s new paper on intersubject multivariate connectivity is now on bioRxiv (code available on GitHub)!